Dalhousie is a high-altitude town in the north Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, spread over 5 hills near the Dhauladhar mountain range. Located in one of the Himalayan’s greenest areas, fascinating nature and culture lovers can travel to Dalhousie. It is home to colonial-era buildings that date back to the British Raj rule in the 1800s, including St. Francis and St. John’s churches. The time from April to June is the summer season in Dalhousie, where the weather is cold in the early summer, then warms up in June. This is considered the best time to visit Dalhousie, as you can discover the various attractions. While you have the mythology of Chamba and the many treks of Barot, Bir, and Billing, at one of the Palampur and Mcleodganj monasteries you can also get in touch with your spiritual side. Of course, you are assured of long drives that will take you through a very beautiful landscape.

Best places to visit when you travel to Dalhousie
Gani pahadi
Gani Pahadi

Located in the Bakrota Hills, Gani pahadi the mesmerizing peak is just an hour walk out from Dalhousie. The hill is without any kind of vegetation on its top.  This hill is name has “Bald Hill” because of its barrenness. The enthralling view & the fresh mountain surrounding makes this location perfect for trek & one among the best place to visit in dal house

Coordinates: Latitude: 32.521041, longitude: 75.986293

Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary
Kalatop Khajjiar

Thick deodar foliage, a deluge of wildlife, aerial mountains, carpets of blooming grasslands and simple on the eye streams of freshwater describe the Kalatop Khajjiar Sanctuary. Also alleged as the Kalatop Wildlife Sanctuary, it is situated in the beautiful pleasing hilly Chambal district of Himachal Pradesh. The name Kalatop signifies ‘Blackcap’, which most likely alludes to the thick dark woods spread on the most elevated peak in the haven. Located a few kilometers abroad from the Chamba dam and Chamera Reservior on the river Ravi, it is accepted to be affluent in flora and fauna. Hundreds of baby streams of freshwater abandoned themselves into the Ravi river to the arctic of the sanctuary. Kalatop Wildlife Altar is the ideal weekend getaway destination, with very few added places coming close to its natural charm.

Coordinates: Latitude: 32.552773, Longitude: 76.01726

Khajjiar – The Mini Switzerland Of India

Most popularly known as the mini Switzerland of India, Khajjar is an admirable hill station located just 16 km away from Dalhousie. With freshwater lake & little plateau, Khajjar is one of the most preferred tripper spots in this town. placed at the foothills of the Dhauladhar range of the Western Himalayas, Khajjar is the rare aggregate of three ecosystems- Lake, Forests &  Pasture. Situated in a  colossal grassy landscape &  surrounded by evergreen cedar trees, Khajjar lake offers the tourist an amazing breathtaking view. Khajjar has an assortment of recreational activities which include Zorbing, Paragliding, and Horse-riding. An arduous 14 km trek gets you through blooming landscapes of deodar and pine tree and offers you admirable sceneries forth the way. It has a 12th-century old Khajji Naga Temple with some ancient snake idols and images depicting the action of Mahabharata.

Coordinates: Latitude: 32.546234, Longitude: 76.058092


Panchpula is a waterfall and an astonishing picnic spot in Dalhousie which is  Surrounded by an awning of fresh, deodar trees & green pipe, Panchpula. The spot where five streams meet up.. Panchpula’s conventional supplies water to the various localities of Dalhousie. This stream starts from the northern side of Dain Kund, and a sight for the sore eyes. This spot is best known for trekking and its wonderful magnificence. A Samadhi (Monument) is very close to Panchpula which is built in the memory of great revolutionary. Sardar Ajit Singh (Uncle of Martyr Bhagat Singh), who inhaled his last breath here. Moreover, the perfect water is best enjoyed during monsoon when the water gushes down the falls and the surroundings leave you stupefied.

Rang Mahal
Rang Mahal

Rang Mahal is one of the most mainstream attractions in Dalhousie that tourists love to explore during their tour to the Chamba Valley. Rang Mahal is situated in Surara Mohalla area of Dalhousie and was at one time the occupant of a division of the ruling reigns. There are very few historical structures in India that have the influences of both Mughal and British architecture & Rang Mahal is one among them. Along with that, it’s walls are adorned with an ample amount of vibrant wall paintings portraying the life of Lord Krishna, and attracts a large number of tourists every year. Due to its unique art & architecture, Rang Mahal is one among significant place to be explored in Dalhousie

Coordinates: Latitude: 32.555577, longitude: 76.127348

Rock Garden
Rock Garden

Rock Garden is an admirable garden and a famous picnic spot in Dalhousie. Other than Relaxing and abating in the park, you can try various adventure sports assessable in that area including zip-lining and so on.

Coordinates: Latitude: 32.566366, longitude: 75.991466

Sach Pass
Sach Pass

Sach Pass is arranged in Sach town which is around 15 km from Killar, in the Chamba District. Based at around 14500 ft, this Pass interfaces the fabulous Pangi ancestral valley with district headquarter, Chamba. It is an outstanding trekking trail that heads to Pangi Valley, which is an isolated and most enthralling valley. It is blessed with scenic landscapes and rough territories and also offers various options for trekking lovers. Sach Pass trekking trail drives you through thick woods, snow-clad peaks, and lavish green plantation.

Coordinates: Latitude: 33.005693, longitude: 76.240396

Satdhara Falls

The dazzling Satdhara Falls is located in the Chamba valley, surrounded by incredible views of snow-secured ranges, deodar trees, and green pine.  The water flowing in this falls is said to be having medical and healing properties. Which is the reason this beautiful scenic mix of seven streams is an incredible spot for restoration and relaxing and is among the best tourist spot in Dalhousie. ‘Satdhara’ signifies seven springs, in this way the Satdhara Falls gets its name from being the waterfall that unites the waters of the seven lovely springs. The waters in these springs meet at a point of 2036 meters over the sea and make a plunge harmony. This is the ideal spot for individuals looking for some peacefulness in their riotous life. The water here is said to contain mica, which has restorative properties to fix skin infections. It is known as ‘Gandhak’ in the neighborhood language. The water here is clear Crystal and serene.

St john’s church
st john chruch

Built-in 1863, this British-style Protestant church highlights glass artworks of Saints John and Peter. This is the oldest established church in the town and expects religious importance as well as has much has historical significance. It is the most loved spot for photographers. A library neighbors the congregation, where one can discover plenty of books about the past and the present of the town. The congregation performs administration each Sunday. A library neighbors the church, area one can acquisition a lot of books about the past and the present of the town.

Coordinates: Latitude: 32.536716,  longitude: 75.976552

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