Best Destinations to travel during Dasara:

Dasara is the festival of goddesses. The cultural atmosphere helps us to relax from our busy schedule and it inspires us to spend some quality time with family in tourist places. There are few places to visit during Dasara, here is the information about such festival tours place below:

Kolkata- Kolkata is very famous for celebrating Durga Pooja, especially Bengali’s celebrate Durga Pooja with the boom. They used to keep an idol of “Kaal Durga Mata” for Nine days. On the last day of ‘Navratri’, the women will love to wear Red and White saree to celebrate “Sindoor Khel” with each other by applying Sindoor (or Kumkum). So, people are fascinated about the Kolkata during the Festival. Kolkata is also called as “City of Furious” & “Cultural Capital” of India.

Places to visit Near Kolkata- Howrah Bridge, Victoria Memorial,Dakshineswar Kali Temple, Kalighat Temple, Indian Museum & Belur Math etc.…

festival tours

Mysuru- Mysuru Dasara is very famous festival celebrated in Karnataka it is celebrated for ten days. The last day is “Vijayadashami” on this day there are few functions like, Jambu Savari and other cultural activities. In the year 2010 Dasara Festival completed its 400th anniversary as the festival was started during 15th century.

Places to visit Near Mysuru- KRS (Krishna raj Sagar), Rangantittu Bird Sanctuary & Seringapatam etc.…

Jumboo savari
night view of mysuru palace

Chandigarh- Chandigarh is also a very famous place which celebrates Dasara in its own way. There is a very big idol of Ravana, they believe that statute grows about 200 meters height every year. During Dasara they used create an idol of Ravan for “Ravan Dahan” which symbolizes the triumph of good over evil. The idol will be burnt to show good things and god always win against the evil. Barar is a small town, it is near to Ambala city and it is 80 km from Chandigarh.

Places to visit Near Chandigarh: Rock garden, Rose Garden, Butterfly park, Chhat Bir Zoo, Le Corbusier Centre and Capitol complex Etc.…

Ravan Dahan Chandigarh

Gujarat- Gujrat is well-known for its customs & traditions. Dasara is a very important festival for the people who celebrate the festive for Nine days. During this Navratri they perform fasting by consuming semi solid food throughout the festival and they perform a special dance form called “Sheri Garba” where ladies used to wear ‘Channiya choli’ or red polka saree & men used to wear ‘Kedia’. People dance on Garba along with singing. Gujrat is also famous for preparing unique kind of snacks like dhokla & thepla.

Places to visit Near GujaratSabarmati Ashram -belongs to Mahatma Gandhi, Somnath Temple & Keerti Mandir Vadodara.


Delhi- The most special regally celebrated festival of Delhi is Dasara, during the nine days of Navratri, mankind’s of Delhi will be carrying the fasting and the last day of Navratri they have ritual of burning ravana’s statue by arrowing it they also perform a spiritual drama acting called “Ram Leela”.

Places to visit Near Delhi: Red Fort, Raam Leela ground, and Taj Mahal 223 km from Delhi

Ravan Dahan in Delhi

Varanasi- It is Centre of faith for the Hindu’s Dussehra festival is celebrated in the different fashion at Varanasi. The combination of Kolkata’s Durga pooja and Raam Leela of Delhi will be performed together is the special things to see majority of the population at Varanasi is covered by Bengali’s they perform even Durga Pooja.

Places to visit Near Varanasi: Kashi, Gaya, and Prayag Etc.

Ramleela varanasi

Kullu-Manali- Most attractive place spot of Himachal is Kullu-Manali. The idols of god and Goddess are taking over head and the procession will take over the city covering all streets is very special here. There goes a big fair here during Dussehra.

Places to visit Near Kullu-Manali: Hadimba Temple, Solang Valley, Great Himalayan national park, and Bees River Etc.

Kullu Manali

Dasara is well- known festival celebrated all over India. It is good to travel during festival as we can learn the culture, customs & tradition of India. This gives us a unique experience of being part of prominent festival celebrated here, best offers on travel plans are guaranteed during festive season.

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