Think of Goa and what comes to mind?

Goa Beach

Endless sandy beaches in goa with coconut palms waving in the breeze, The warm waters of the Arabian Sea lapping at your feet? All-nights rave under the stars. Goa is the top beach destination in India. Ancient Portugal heritage, the festival as sunburn along with exquisite cuisine, Goa is a must-visit the place. here are some best places to visit in goa.  

Friendly hospitable people! Tourism in Goa has led to creating the condition among the richest within the country, because of the prolonged alluring sights that it flaunts. Goa is the entire time destination like winter-weary Vancouver residents, tend to think of. Hawaii and Mexico, even Thailand, are closer.  


To get to Goa – 

Located in between western Ghats and the west coast of India.

Best places to visit in goa

Surrounded by friendly states like (Shares border with) – Karnataka & Mumbai. You might be bound to possess a magnificent unforgettable practical experience whilst discovering this Jewel of India. 

Goa has been a preferred destination for Western tourists since the primary hippies “discovered” its ostensibly pristine beaches within the late Nineteen Sixties. 

Low-cost flights from England, Russia, and from another Europe descend on the Airport at Dabolim, disgorging many individuals daily who are waiting to lie on the beach, drink a brew and escape the dearness of a northern winter. Each year, the state attracts hundreds of foreign and one million Indian tourists. The foreigner’s visits within the winter months, when the weather is cooler, with lows around twenty degrees and highs around thirty, whereas the Indians visit throughout the summer months. business peaks in December and Jan. Goa particularly standard over Christmas and New Year’s. Most foreign tourists visit Goa seeking sun, sand, and suds.   

Goa tourism probably the most in-demand from customers. Whether it is any time on the calendar year, 12 months soon after 12 months tourists flock to this mesmerizing destination with anticipation of discovering the ample of biodiversity.  The traditional Portuguese architecture, along with the several world heritage whilst in Goa. You are going to scenes as if you’re strolling by way of an attractive Portuguese colony with glimpses of church buildings all over the place. 

A former Portugal colony, Goa also offers features of stunning architecture through the colonial period with numerous churches and antique design bungalows, The Se Cathedral a mix of Tuscan and Corinthian architecture was designed to commemorate the victory of Portuguese general Afonso de Albuquerque among its cherished ornament is a significant golden bell, which is purported to be one of the world’s greatest. 

The localists are quite friendly towards Tourists and rejoice a lot of festivals throughout the year. This exquisite composition retains the mortal reminds of St Francis Xavier. He is preserved inside the silver casket which is believed to exude healing powers. The Church of Our Lady of the Immaculate conception gleams just like a tiered wedding cake with pearly white frost. 

Goa is definitely the haven for adventures vacationers, thrill-seekers, and backpackers; Best location to stay! Goa is actually near to Bogmalo beach as well as Airport. 

Best beaches in Goa

best beaches in goa

Anjuna beach is situated north of Baga and Calangute and shut towards the south of Vagator and chapora. The white sand from the beach, as well as the crimson laterite rocks together, forms a unique kind of arrangement. 

It is probably one of the best beaches in Goa, which is lined with quite a few beach shacks with comfortable accommodation amenities. A number of renowned bars and pubs are situated at this beach that provides refreshing beverages like beer, feni, wine, vodka, etc. 

Ashwem Beach

A wonderful spot for individuals, those people seeking privacy, it is actually safe and sound for swimming. This beach is noted for its various dining establishments as well as their mouth watering seafood. ‘Ashwem Beach’ is usually the nesting place for the Olive Ridley Turtles, and this is a scarce species. The nesting period is between September to February which is also a peak period of vacationers to Goa. This vacant stretch of beach with its silvery sand and clusters of coconut palms is a peaceful and serene paradise and poet’s delight. For visitor’s or anyone who is in Goa between January and February you might be fortunate enough to look Turtle’s nesting and Hatching, Tourists are only asked not to touch or disturb Turtles’. 

The key thing to do at Sernabatim beach is boating and mountaineering Looking at dolphins and heading on to distinct excursions on nearby points of interest colva and Benaulim.  Palolem Beach is often known as ‘Paradise Beach’. This beach stretches towards two magnificent headlands as well as the beach is lined with towering coconut palms. This beach stretched a couple of miles and it offers seclusion and idyllic landscapes; it is amongst the most beautiful beach well worth visiting. 

Pantem beach is actually a 900-meter lengthy gorgeous strip of golden sand, which relined from either side on to rocky headlands and capes.  

The Kalacha beach is exceptionally stunning, lovely with its silver and golden powder sand, and it is particularly lined with palm and coconut trees, this beach is a far more unexplored and quieter beach in comparison with Arambol. This beach can be reached on foot, by getting a stroll alongside the north of arambol beach.  


This beach however very little filthy as compared to other beaches, This beach is well known for water sports and Boating, boat journeys into the Mandovi river also hosts an additional visitors attraction and which can be recognizing the wild Dolphins, These things also lengthen nearly the bottom of Aguada Fort and current magnificent view of the fort, Aguada(Prison/Jail) along with the lighthouse typically one-hour boat journey. 

Goa Fort

Get Ready for Adventure Rush! 

Other exciting pursuits consist of paragliding and Diving, the best aspect is usually that most of these pursuits are way more cost-effective when compared with other countries. A never skipped a journey in goa is water sports like parasailing, water skiing, jet skiing, windsurfing, banana boat ride, scuba diving, dolphin spotting, and snorkeling. 

  1. Scuba Diving and snorkeling
scuba diving in goa

Scuba diving is a wonderful experience a once in a lifetime, Goa is the ultimate destination for marine experience while scuba diving with best instructors and safety equipment.

There will be training for 1 hour with instructor.

After the successful completion of training, sport will be set for 12 meter down the sea.

Goa scuba diving hot spots.

Grande Island, Agatti Island, Pigeon Island. Shallow sites near Malyan and Venugurla.

Best Season : Winter

Average cost: 4000 – 5000 INR

2. Parasailing

Parasailing in Goa

The pleasure from the exciting ride of the blue sea whereas flying high in the sky, defying the boundaries because where sailing is one amongst the foremost fashionable journey sports on supply in Goa. Tourists sometimes wish to winch boat sailing wherever the popping out and landing of the parachute happens on the winch boat itself connected at the opposite finish of the parachute. sailing could be a hot favorite amongst families, children, and couples because it offers the proper combination of thrill and pleasure whereas being relatively easier than the opposite water sports. the simplest time to get pleasure from sailing is from October to March when the ocean is calmer, and winds are excellent to glide the parachute.

Where I can find Parasailing in Goa? 

Arambol Beach, Baga Beach, Mobor, Dona Paula.

Best Time: October to March

Avg Cost: 850-1100 INR

3. Windsurfing

Windsurfing in Goa

Windsurfing combines the aspects of each sailing and surfboarding. The rider needs to stand on the board and firmly grip the sail hooked up then manoeuvre in step with the wind and water pressure. It needs a decent equalization act on the board whereas cruising through the ocean waters. Dona Paula groyne among others like Candolim Beach, Calangute and Baga is taken into account to be the most effective place for windsurfing particularly if you’re a beginner. If you’re a lot of adventurous sports, you’ll head out for windsurfing within the afternoon rather than the morning once the winds are stronger and provide a more difficult expertise to the surfers.

Windsurfing:  Dona Paula jetty, Miramar, Bogmalo, Vagator, Palolem.

Season: Winter

Avg price: INR 1500 +

Water Scooter

Water Scooters are a secure however thrilling choice for those who wish to expertise water sports but are comparatively inexperienced. This sport may be a combination of speed and thrill that accompanies riding a motorcycle on the graceful surface of the water. Water scooters are very common in Goa and are pronto on the market at the most of the beaches.

Where do I get Water Scooter?

Dona Paula Jetty, Cidade de Goa, Majorda and Candolim beaches.

Best Time for sports: Winter.

Avg cost per ride: INR 500 +

Banana boat ride

A banana boat ride is a unique and large attraction in the South state. A banana-shaped boat hooked up runs at associate degree exciting speed and sprints off the passengers within the ocean. The passengers then haul themselves up within the boat. This activity is exhausting however extraordinarily pleasant at a similar time. you may conjointly club this activity beside Ringo rides and jet sport to feature an additional dimension of a thrill to your expertise.

Beaches who offer banana boat ride: Palolem, Mobor, Baga, Miramar, Agonda, Anjuna, Calangute.

Best Season: Winter

Avg Cost: 699 INR

At last but least Goa is actually sweat synthesis of eastern and western influences. From its quirky paintings to its regional handcrafts, the traditionally overall performance of arts and typical Konkani culture, you will find there is very little thing for everyone’s flavor. The condition is synonymous with its flea marketplaces, solid alcoholic beverages, and naturally, it’s flavorsome Cuisine.   


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